We offer a range of waxing treatments to remove unwanted hairs across the body. Whether you need to remove hair from your upper lip, arms, or bikini area, we have a selection of affordable waxing treatments available.

Waxing remains the most effective way of removing body hair. While shaving does get results, it lacks the penetration of a good waxing, so expect slower regrowth with a wax. This method also helps to avoid issues like ingrown hairs or bumps from shaving.

Our waxing is quick and relatively pain-free. Yes, there is some occasional pain from a waxing, but it is well worth it if you want the best hair removal treatment. Our beauty professionals are experienced with all forms of waxing, so do the procedure with minimal pain!

With a range of wax products to choose from, we customise the waxing treatment according to your needs. This includes using gentler products on senstive skin.

We provide a full range of waxing treatments for any part of the body!