A relatively new treatment, skin boosters are becoming one of the must have aesthetic procedures. This skin treatment is applied via injection, targeting areas throughout the face to improve skin tone and texture.
The key function of a skin booster is to provide deep hydration to skin. Injected with a special formula, the booster helps to restore vitality to skin, making it appear more radiant and youthful in just a single treatment.

One of the main advantages of a skin booster is that the effects are much subtler than other injectable treatments. Unlike fillers, the skin booster doesn’t cause the skin to hold a specific shape or definition, instead offering a natural boost to tone and texture.

Lines and wrinkles are still targeted with the treatment, yet the effects are much more natural. Enjoy added plumpness and definition in the most subtle way possible!

Skin boosters work by adding hyaluronic acid to the skin, a compound responsible for maintaining much our skins moisture. However, this naturally depletes over time, causing skin to appear less hydrated.

With a skin booster, we add more hyaluronic acid to provide sigifcantly boost to skin moisture. It also helps to improve elasticity, making skin feel and appear much firmer.