BAC Teeth Whitening Kit



Key Benefits

Professional Level Whitening

Attain the brightness of a dental office treatment from the comfort of your home.

No Sensitivity and No Irritation

Enjoy a pain-free teeth whitening experience without any discomfort or irritation.

Safe Formula

Trust in a reliable and secure formula for effective and risk-free teeth whitening.

Convenient and Easy

Easily incorporate the teeth whitening kit into your daily routine for effortless usage.

Vegan Friendly Formula

A cruelty-free and vegan-friendly option for eco-conscious consumers seeking a dazzling smile.

Benefits of Carbamide Peroxide

Teeth Whitening

Carbamide peroxide breaks down into hydrogen peroxide when it comes into contact with water. The hydrogen peroxide is the active whitening agent that penetrates the enamel and dentin of the teeth, effectively bleaching and lightening stains and discoloration caused by various factors like coffee, tea, wine, tobacco, and aging.

Effective Stain Removal

Carbamide peroxide is capable of removing both extrinsic and intrinsic deep stains. Extrinsic stains are those that occur on the outer layer of the teeth, while intrinsic stains are embedded within the tooth structure. Its ability to tackle both types of stains makes it a powerful teeth-whitening agent.

Gentle on Teeth and Gums

Compared to some other teeth whitening agents, carbamide peroxide is considered relatively gentle on the teeth and gums. When used in proper concentrations and as directed, it minimizes the risk of tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.

Fast and Visible Results

When used consistently and as recommended, carbamide peroxide can deliver noticeable teeth whitening results in a relatively short period. Users can often see improvements within a few days of use, and optimal results are achieved with continued use over the recommended treatment duration.



David K
The "Bac to White" Teeth Whitening Kit is worth every penny! I've tried other teeth whitening products before, but none have given me the results I desired until now. The 16% carbamide peroxide really did the trick, and my teeth are noticeably whiter after using it for 14 days. The gel pens are easy to apply, and the accelerator light made a significant difference in speeding up the process. My only regret is not trying this sooner! I'm thrilled with the outcome, and I plan to continue using this kit for ongoing maintenance. It's an excellent investment in my smile's future!
Jason M
I was a bit sceptical about at-home teeth whitening kits, but "Bac to White" proved me wrong! This kit is fantastic, and I'm thrilled with the results. The gel pen is easy to use, and I love that I can target specific areas that need a little extra attention. The accelerator device is a nice touch and made the process feel more professional. I used the kit for 10 days, and my teeth are noticeably whiter and brighter. No sensitivity issues either, which is a huge plus. Great value for the price, and I'll definitely be recommending this to friends and family.
Shazia P
I can't stop smiling ever since I started using the Bac to White Teeth Whitening Kit! It's so simple to use, and the results are incredible. I noticed a difference after just the first use, and by the end of the 7-day treatment, my teeth were several shades whiter. The gel pen is mess-free, and the mouthpiece stays securely in place. I appreciate that the kit comes with clear instructions, making it fool proof. I was a bit worried about sensitivity, but luckily, I didn't experience any discomfort. I'm in love with my new smile, and I'm excited to continue using this kit to maintain my pearly whites!
Sarah L.
I am beyond impressed with the Bac to White Teeth Whitening Kit! The results are absolutely amazing. I noticed a significant difference in the whiteness of my teeth within just a few days of using the product. The pre-filled gel pens make application a breeze, and the duplex mouthpiece ensures even coverage for both my upper and lower teeth. I didn't experience any sensitivity, which was a relief, as I've had issues with other whitening products in the past. The accelerator light is a game-changer and really boosted the effectiveness of the whitening process. I used the kit for 7 days, and my smile has never looked better! Highly recommend!


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